Fully Featured Planogramming in the Cloud

Our GoPlanogram® service gives you your own website for powerful, cloud-based planogramming and provides, for the first time, rapid interactive web-based display design running in your browser. Our newest version, GoPlanogram HTML5, works on tablets, smartphones, and laptops, providing your team with easy, portable editing.

Experience the excellent responsiveness GoPlanogram provides by trying our free test drive.

Note: The test drive will launch in your web browser and is fully featured, except for some features such as the ability to upload products or to save a planogram.

GoPlanogram Features

Features Overview

A GoPlanogram website will provide you with these features and benefits, within the version you purchase. We continuously add useful new features, which become available to all customers within your version.

GoPlanogram Pro has the features needed by vendors offering many products and who have many distributors, or distribute through "big box" stores. Examples of these features are "Accounts" and "Export to PSA".

GoPlanogram Standard has the essential planogramming features needed by small to mid-size vendors who don't need the advanced features of GoPlanogram Pro.

The check marks denote features available in GoPlanogram Classic, which is based in Microsoft Silverlight. Asterisks denote features that are not yet available in GoPlanogram HTML5, our latest version which is JavaScript based and intended to run on all platforms, from laptops, to tablets, to smartphones.

Cloud-based Standard Professional
24x7 worldwide access on tablets, smartphones, and laptops
No software to install
Supported on all browsers: IE, Flex, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Planogram data consolidated on server - available for data mining, category management, etc.
Nightly backups of planogram data, product data, and product images. Most recent 30 days of backups retained.
Encourages collaboration and reuse - employees worldwide can easily share designs
All users instantly get the latest features
Planograms are stored in cloud - no worries about local PC crashes, backups, or other loss of data
Accounts Standard Professional
Specify a different SKU for each item, by named account  
Custom Calculations Standard Professional
Custom calculations, such as gross margin return on investment and sales metrics of your choice
Custom product data fields
Export, Import, and Print Standard Professional
Printing of life-size high resolution backers   *
Import and export of PSA files (in beta)  
Print Ordering Report (a listing by SKUs)
Note: GoPlanogram HTML5 outputs a CSV file for reports.
Print Placement Report (a listing by Facings) * *
Print Planograms
Export planogram report data to CSV files on local computer
General Editing Features Standard Professional
Color coding options for categories and subcategories  
Smooth and fast editing
Simple, easy to use drag-and-drop editing
Design using Groups, easy creation of custom assortments for rapid design
Unlimited undo/redo
Zooming and Scrolling
Highlight overlapping products and hole conflicts with pegboard standards
Highlight duplicated products
Show part numbers
Show outlines instead of images
Highlight best selling products
Show Fixture Names * *
Show movable horizontal and vertical rulers * *
Movable splitter bar to resize catalog/planogram regions
Arrow keys for fine positioning of products * *
"No Snap" option to allow flexible product placement
Optionally support transparent image backgrounds
Alignment and spacing commands
Multiple Fixtures Standard Professional
Create and configure multiple fixture types:
Product snapping appropriate for each fixture type
Custom fixtures - turn any picture into a fixture
Backer image and sign
Multi-user Support Standard Professional
Multiple user accounts with different privileges
Share planograms to all users
Share planograms to specific users * *
Planogram File Management Standard Professional
Pre-load a planogram by uploading a CSV file  
Insert a saved planogram into another planogram
Maintain multiple versions of each named planogram * *
Delete planograms
Folder support
Reporting Standard Professional
Placement report, showing location of each product on fixtures. * *
Ordering report, showing cost and total cost of each ordered item.
Allow specification of order quantities for each product on planogram.
Warnings when depth of products and quantity exceeds available space. * *
Self Service Updating Standard Professional
Compress product images to appropriate size automatically * *
Upload new product data and images
Site Administration Standard Professional
Image validation - automatically identify missing or extraneous product images
Site-wide user notifications * *
Supports Predefined Groups (Also known as Assortments) Standard Professional
Create named, reusable, shared groups of products (or assortments)
Group/Ungroup products within a planogram

Guidance & Documentation

For guidance on getting started, tutorials for seasoned users, videos, and other information, click here.