Zoom Level
Layout Spacing (inches/cm)
Grid cell width (in/cm)
Grid cell height (in/cm)
View uploaded store data
Upload new store data
POG Background Color
Save Planogram
Save To:
Save Planogram to specified path
Close without saving


Discard changes?

Open Planogram
Contains Part
Project Type
Select a folder or planogram to inspect
Open selected planogram
Close without opening
Open Archived Version
Open selected planogram
Close without opening
Import Planogram
Contains Part
Project Type
Select a folder or planogram to inspect
Import selected planogram
Close without importing
Manage Planograms and Folders

Right click on a folder or planogram file to rename or delete it. Drag items to reparent them.

Select a folder or planogram to inspect
External Import / Export

Choose a format, then choose a file to import, or export your current planogram in that format.

No file chosen
Close dialog, importing or exporting nothing
Export current POG as PSA file
Insert chosen PSA file contents above current planogram contents
Import chosen PSA file, replacing current planogram contents
No file chosen
Close dialog, importing nothing
Import chosen Apollo XML file
Move File
Folder name here
Report Error
Shelf Properties

Ruler Properties
Table Properties
Rack Properties
Choose Rack Background Image

Images are elements from your products catalog of type "Background Image" (BI).

If you do not see an image you are looking for, ensure your products data file has declared its Type as "BI", and the corresponding picture file has been uploaded.

Text Properties
Floorplan Label Properties
Floorplan Boundary Properties
Container Properties


Click below to view keyboard and touch device shortcuts.

For categorized, in-depth official documentation, click here.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Key Action
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Alt + P Print / Download Images
Ctrl + B New
Ctrl + S Save
Alt + S Save As
Ctrl + O Open
Ctrl + I Import
1 Add Facing Left
2 Add Facing Above
3 Add Facing Right
Alt + 2 Delete Facing Row
Alt + 3 Delete Facing Column
Z Selection Tool (Floorplan Only)
X Wall Building Tool (Floorplan Only)
C Dimension Building tool (Floorplan Only)
Ctrl + U Upload Store Data
Ctrl + F Search catalog
Alt + U User Settings
Alt + I PSA Import / Export
Alt + R Create Report
Alt + D Toggle dimensions
Shift + Arrow key Align selected product left / right / tops / bottoms
Space Layout selected products in a row
Ctrl + Space Layout selected products in an evenly spaced row
Shift + Space Layout selected products in a column
Arrow key Move 1" / 1cm
Ctrl + Arrow key Move 1/10" / 1mm
Keypad + Zoom in
Keypad - Zoom out
Shift + Z Zoom to fit
Alt + P Purge Image Cache
Touch Devices
Gesture Action
Swipe Pan (scroll window)
Pinch Zoom in or out
Tap Select item
Double Tap Edit item
Press, pause briefly, drag Move item or create rubber band selection rectangle
Press and hold Show context menu (similar to right-click)
GoPlanogram Version:
GoJS Version:
Create Report
Report Property Set:
Select a Report Property Set to start from

Select properties to report for each product

Select aggregates to report for entire display

Close this dialog, generating no report
Save report to Google Sheets
Save .CSV report to local system
Save Excel .XLSX report to local system
Opens the Print/Download dialog with the "Report" option checked
Print or Download Images

Previous Image
Close dialog without downloading or printing
Print current image, or save to PDF
Print all images, or save all to PDF
Save .png to Google Drive. This will not include a report.
Save .png to local system. This will not include a report.
Download Life Size Images
Close dialog without saving image(s)
Save current life-size .png to local system
Planogram Aggregates
Report Property Set:
Select a Report Property Set to see aggregates of

Aggregates are calculations performed across all products in your Planogram, and can be displayed in reports (Alt + R). Select a Report Property Set to what aggregates it contains, and what their current values are.

User Settings
  • Product Labels

    Font Size
  • Default Shelf Colors

  • 0
Confirm changes and close dialog
Revert changes and close dialog
Import Product Assortment

Upload a list of product numbers from a CSV or XLSX file. The file must have a column header named ProductID. The product assortment can then be used to filter the catalog. Active catalog filters will still be applied.


No file chosen

The part numbers in this file are:

Upload the CSV file, filtering the catalog accordingly
Close this dialog without uploading anything
Upload Store Data

Import data from a CSV or .XLSX file into the currently open planogram. The file must have a column header named ProductID. Allows up to 10 extra fields prefixed by an exclamation mark (i.e. !WeeklySales).

00073430000032,2,7,After June 10
No file chosen
Store Data
Customize Catalog Color Chips

Color chip data based on:

Current Camera
3D Help
Key Action
Mouse (click and drag) Look around
Right click View element information and pop dialog to see it in 2d
W / Up Arrow Key Walk Forward
A / Left Arrow Key Turn Left
S / Down Arrow Key Walk Backward
D / Right Arrow Key Turn Right
Q Walk Left
E Walk Right
R Fly Up
F Fly Down
Esc Close
3D Render Options


It has been a while since your last save. 3D Mode takes considerable resources. Depending on the complexity of your planogram and the power of your hardware, GoPlanogram could crash, resulting in any unsaved work being lost. We strongly recommend you close this window and save your work before continuing.


Please wait, and do not close this browser window

Customize Site

There are many ways to customize your GoPlanogram site, so your data works for you. Read more here.

What would you like to customize?

Customize Report Properties
Customize Report Aggregates

Report aggregates are calculations performed on all products in a planogram.

Edit Report Property Set
Starting Set:
Select a Report Property Set to start from, then either edit its properties to change it, or enter a new name to create a new set.
Working Set:
Name of current set being edited / created. Keep the same as Starting Set for overwriting
Property Name Type Expression Hidden?

Properties to report for each facing

Aggregates: calculations performed on all elements in a display

Edit Custom Label Options
Edit Custom Heatmap Options
Customize Catalog Filters
Customize Catalog Tooltips
Customize Product Tooltips
Customize Product Properties Displayed
Edit Custom Catalog "Sort By" Options
Edit Planogram Tags

Saved planograms can have up to 3 tag values. Users can then filter available planograms in the Open / Import dialogs by tag values.

As an admin, you may define tag names and possible values below.

Edit Catalog Color Chips

Start from anyone's publicly shared project.


Start from one of your pre-existing projects.


Create a single display.


Create an entire floorplan, and edit the displays of each fixture.

Gondola Creator
Left Endcap
Right Endcap
Custom Fixture Properties
Image Properties
Create Reusable Group
Create reusable Group with specified parameters
Close dialog. No Group will be created

Choose a user from the dropdown to impersonate. You will then be able to open and save files as that user.

End current impersonation session and act as yourself once more
Begin impersonation session with the selected user
Warning: Missing Items
Error Here.