Catalog Color Chips

This feature is not available in GoPlanogram Lite

Catalog color chips, much like heatmaps, visualize numerical values associated with products on a green to yellow to red spectrum. These colors are displayed in a color chip beside each catalog element. By default, GoPlanogram ships with one catalog color chip option, which visualizes the BestSelling column of product data.

You may define as many catalog color chip options as you like, to visualize any numerical data or calculation on data, such as Profit, WeeklySales, etc, at a glance within your catalog.

Note that you may specify whether low numerical values correspond with red or green, or vice versa, by toggling the button in the Order column.

To edit catalog color chip options, click the icon to the right of the catalog search bar, then the icon in the dialog that pops up, or navigate to File -> Customize Site, then click the Catalog Color Chips button.

Below is a sample setup with two custom catalog color chip options.

The first will appear to users as "Best Selling, Low to High", and has been mapped to the property BestSelling. When a user selects this catalog color chip option, catalog element color chips will be colored red to yellow to green according to each product's BestSelling value. Note the Order button shows shorter bars at the top of its icon and longer bars at the bottom (); this signifies that for this color chip, low values are green and high values are red.

The second appears to users as "Best Selling, High to Low", and function identically, except the Order button has been clicked to specify the opposite ordering (); that is, high values are green and low values are red.

A catalog category with the Best Selling, Low to High option active

The same catalog category with the Best Selling, High to Low option active