Planogram Tags

This feature is not available in GoPlanogram Lite

Planogram tags are used to help categorize your organization's saved planograms. These tags can be used as filters from the Import and Open dialogs, and are applied to a planogram during a Save As operation, all via dropdowns with admin-defined values.

Up to 3 tags are allowed. These tags can be named anything up to 100 characters long, and each may have as many options as needed.

To create or change planogram tags, go to File -> Customize Site and click on the Planogram Tags option.

From there, for each tag:

  1. Give the tag a name. This is how it will appear to your users. Here, we have tag names Store Type, Region, and Locality, which are GoPlanogram site defaults.
  2. Check this box if you want to hide this tag from users. Useful if your organization does not need to use all 3 tags.
  3. Click this + button to add a new possible value for this tag.
  4. These inputs are where you type possible values for this tag. Clicking the trash icon will delete a possible tag value.
  5. Clicking Confirm will save these changes site-wide. Cancel will revert to previous tag settings.

The sample here shows the default values for all three default tags. These appear to your users in filesystem dialogs as dropdowns to filter with, as shown below.