Product Properties

Product properties are the data shown in the Product Properties dialog that appears when a user double clicks a planogrammed product, or right-clicks it and chooses the Properties option from the context menu.

A few properties are hard-coded to always show in this window. They are:

Any other fields displayed in this dialog are completely up to you.

To edit Product Properties, click the icon in the Product Properties dialog, or navigate to File -> Customize Site, then click the Product Properties button.

Below is a sample setup with two additional properties defined.

The first will appear to users as "Profit", and has been mapped to a calculation, subtracting Cost from Price, then formatting the result as currency. The profit of this product will be displayed in its Properties dialog.

The second will appear to users as "Product Type", and has been mapped to the custom property #Type. Whatever data exists in the #Type column for a product in the products spreadsheet will be displayed in the Product Properties dialog.

Resultant Product Properties dialog