Uploading Pictures

You must be one of your GoPlanogram site administrators to upload pictures

In the products data spreadsheet you upload, there is a column named PictureFilename. For each product, fill that cell with the name of the file that you uploads via the Pictures tab of the Admin console.

To get to the Pictures upload interface, go to Admin -> Upload Pictures.

From there, you may either drag and drop a group of files to the drop area, or use the Choose Pictures button to browse. Then, click Upload Pictures. Wait until you get a success message to leave this page.

Picture Guidelines


Your picture (the front view) can be any resolution, but should be proportional to the Width / Height you give in your products spreadsheet.

So, a 5" wide x 20" tall product's picture should have approximately 4 times the pixels vertically as it does horizontally. GoPlanogram will scale the picture you give us into the dimensions in your spreadsheet.

As a rule of thumb, a picture should have at least 10 pixels of size for each real-world inch. Having higher resolution images is okay, but at some point, large images can slow down planogram editing. The Low Res button in the Pictures section of the admin console can help with this.


Here is a sample picture. The blue line is the actual border for the picture.

But all that white border isn't pretty for planogramming. When you tell GoPlanogram that this product is 5” x 20”, it will look like this in the planogram:

For best results, crop any "dead space" around your product images. When cropped properly and scaled correctly, your users' planogramming experience will be much easier and faster.

Product Background Transparency

Some packages are not complete rectangles. If you upload PNG pictures with transparent sections, GoPlanogram will support that. Note that JPG files do not support transparency.

When your products are displayed on a non-white background, then transparency is more important in making a nice display, as the sample of a custom drink cooler shows.

The pictures with transparency on the bottom shelf have much cleaner edges, and will more accurately help your team design displays reflective of real-world conditions.


GoPlanogram also supports Front, Side and Top images.

To set this up, replace the extension .png or .jpg with .1. The side image is extension .2 and the top is .3.

In your products data spreadsheet, just specify the file with the .1 extension as PictureFilename. In this example, the Voodoo Ranger IPA would have files 75452700066.1 75452700066.2 and 75452700066.3, so make sure when you upload these pictures, they have the correct filenames.

If you don’t have the Side or Top pictures, you will still be able to set the product orientation, but the Front image will get stretched to fit the Side or Top dimensions.

Additional Functions

Below the main area of the Upload Pictures admin page, there are some useful buttons to know about.

Find Missing looks through your current products catalog and show you what products have specified a PictureFilename, but the corresponding image file has not been uploaded yet.

Delete Unused clears image files you have uploaded that are not referenced anywhere in your products catalog.

Compress makes smaller size images for all your products, improving performance at a slight appearance cost.

Create Low Res is much like Compress, but those images are stored in a separate folder and only used in 3D Mode if the Low Res image option is checked.