3D Mode

This feature is not available in GoPlanogram Lite

Regardless if your project is a Standard display or floorplan, you may enter 3D Mode to view your display from any angle. To do so, click the 3D button from the Command Button Bar.

You will be prompted with options to customize your 3D experience.

  • Render Floorplan Labels: Renders floorplan labels on the base decks of racks. Slows down the 3D rendering process, especially if you have lots of them.
  • Shelf Colors: Renders shelves with their front colors.
  • Low Resolution Images: Renders products with low res images. Improves 3D performance, at the cost of appearance.
  • Render Default Walls: Guesses approximate room boundaries based on fixtures, then renders walls around those boundaries. You probably only want to turn this off if you are using your own walls in a floor plan project.
  • Room Height: How high the room ceilings should be generated, in inches or centimeters.

When you're ready, click Launch to enter 3D Mode.

Navigating in 3D

Now that you're in 3D mode, you may click anywhere and drag to look around.

You can right click on any product or fixture to see information about it, or to zoom to it back in 2D mode.

To move, you have a few options.

The first, and perhaps simplest, is to change which camera you're using. Cameras are placed within floorplan projects, and define specific views for 3D Mode. To change yout current camera, click the dropdown in the top left of the 3D view and choose the number that corresponds with the camera you want to use. Read more on cameras here.

If you aren't using Floorplan Mode or you haven't set up cameras, the next simplest (but inelegant) way to move is to use the arrow buttons in the bottom right of the UI. Clicking them will allow you to move forward, back, left, right, turn left / right, or fly vertically up or down.

The last, least simple but most powerful way to move about in 3D space is to use keyboard shortcuts in conjunction with the mouse. This may take some getting used to, but once you master it, you will be able to view your displays from any angle with ease. These shortcuts are:

All of these keyboard commands can be used in conjunction with one another and the mouse to look around while moving, giving you complete freedom to view your displays or floorplan from any angle.