Containers are fixtures that are usually attached to racks (especially slatwall racks), and contain products. Containers can also be dropped onto shelves.

Products dropped into containers may then have their quantity specified by double clicking the number to their right. There is no limit to how many different products may be added to a container, but you should keep in mind real-world limitations, such as confusing customers with too many different SKU's in one container, or the capacity of your container.

Containers can be added to your planogram in one of four ways.

When a new container is made, the following menu appears with options to customize its behavior and appearance. You may always access this menu again by double-clicking the container, or by right clicking and choosing the Properties option.

  1. Name: Container name. This is how a product's FixtureName will be reported.
  2. Dimensions: Container dimensions. These are in inches or centimeters by default. However, you may type things like 4' or 10m, and GoPlanogram will calculate the correct number of inches / cm.
  3. Color: Determines the color of this container.
  4. Selectable and Movable: Determines if the container may be moved / selected. Useful when you want to lock your fixture down as you arrange products on it.
The resultant container fixture from the inputs above