This feature is not available in GoPlanogram Lite

When you start a new project, you'll be asked if you want to create a Standard project, or a Floorplan.

Standard projects are what the rest of the documentation covers: creating fixtures, product displays, analyzing and optimizing, and so on. A Floorplan has all the same capabilities, but with one key difference -- it allows you to position fixtures relative to one another, then edit each of their displays individually, allowing you to better plan an entire section of a store, rather than a single display. This synergizes extremely well with 3D mode, letting users better understand relationships between fixtures and product categories.

If you choose Floorplan, a new project will initialize in Floorplan mode, showing a grid, and a single camera.

First, we must create a fixture.

Creating a Gondola

In Floorplan Mode, we create Gondolas, which are essentially aisles of racks bundled together. A Gondola has 1-2 Aisles, and 0-2 Endcaps, each of which may be their own length, with bays of varying rack types and dimensions.

To create a Gondola, either Right Click -> Add Gondola, or use Insert -> Gondola.

You will see the Gondola Creator dialog, which helps you make a Gondola according to your needs.

(All dimension inputs are in inches / centimeters by default. However, you may type things like 4' or 10m, and GoPlanogram will calculate the correct number of inches / cm.)

  1. Name: The name for this Gondola.
  2. Sides: Choose whether there will be one or two main sides (Aisles) for the Gondola.
  3. Aisle Length: The entire length of your aisles.
  4. Aisle Bay Length / Depth / Height: The dimensions for each bay in an Aisle. Each bay starts with these dimensions, though you may change individual bays later. If you provide a value for Bay Length that does not evenly go into the value for Aisle Length, the final bay for each aisle will be a fractional bay -- for example, an 8' Aisle with 3' Bays will generate 2 full 3' bays, and one final 2' bay.
  5. Aisle Names: The name(s) of your aisle(s), i.e. "Aisle 12", "Fruits", "Hardware", etc...
  6. Endcaps: Decide here if this Gondola will have no endcaps, a left endcap, a right endcap, or both.
  7. Endcap Length: The entire length(s) of your endcap(s).
  8. Endcap Bay Length / Depth / Height: The dimensions for each bay in an Endcap.
  9. Endcap Names: The name(s) of your endcap(s).
The resultant Gondola from the above inputs:

Interacting with Gondolas

When a Gondola bay is selected, it will show interaction buttons, as well as buttons above the Gondola itself.

First, let's look at the buttons above the Gondola:

Edit POG: Changes the view to Edit POG mode, where you can edit the displays of each Aisle and Endcap of this Gondola.

Rotate Gondola: Clicking either of these will pop up a small dialog, where you may enter how many degrees you want to rotate the Gondola.

Lock Gondola: Locks the Gondola so it may not be moved. If the Gondola is already locked down, an unlock button will appear instead.

Delete Gondola: Removes the Gondola and all of its contents from your floorplan.

Show / Hide Labels: Toggle the visibility of Aisle / Endcap / Gondola name labels.

Drag Handle: Use this handle to drag a Gondola. This is especially useful if this Gondola is completely covered by floorplan labels, as it will be the only way to move the Gondola.

Note: All Aisle / Endcap / Gondola names can be changed at any time by double clicking on them and typing a new name.

Now let's look at the buttons on a selected Gondola bay. Notice here we have selected a bay in a Gondola that does not have a left endcap.

Edit Bay Properties: Edit the properties of the bay, such as rack type, dimensions, background, and more. See rack documentation for more details.

Add Bay Left / Right: Duplicates this bay (but not its contents) and adds it to the left or right of the origin bay.

Add Side / Endcap: Only appears if the Gondola is one-sided, or if the left-most bay in an Aisle is selected and there is no left endcap, or if the rightmost bay in an Aisle is selected and there is no right endcap. A single bay for the new Gondola dimension is added.

Delete Bay: Removes the Bay and its contents from the Gondola.

Floorplan Labels

Floorplan labels are customizable colorful labels that stick to Gondola Aisles / Endcaps, and are useful for planning product categories and adjacencies. To create a floorplan label, right click anywhere in whitespace or on a Gondola bay, then choose Add Floorplan Label, or use Insert -> Floorplan Label while in Floorplan mode.

The following dialog will appear.

  1. Name: The name that will appear on the floorplan label.
  2. Resize Increment: The number of inches or centimeters the label will resize by when one of its resize handles is dragged.
  3. Label Color: The color of the label. Using specific colors for product categories is helpful for category management and adjacency optimization.
  4. Text Color: The color of the text of the floorplan label.
  5. Movable: Whether or not the floorplan label may be dragged around. It's often useful to lock down your labels on their Gondola once category placements and lengths have been decided so you don't accidentally move them.
The resultant floorplan label. Hovering a floorplan label will display its name and length, as well as info about its containing bay.

The floorplan label may be dragged to be placed on another Aisle or Endcap, or resized by the handles on either of its sides. It will resize in multiples of Resize Increment, so it is best to ensure its Resize Increment is a factor of the total length of the bay or aisle it is on.

Here's what a Gondola fully split up into categories with floorplan labels might look like. Note the Aisle / Endcap / Gondola names have all been changed too.

Remember, at this point, since the Gondola is 100% covered by floorplan labels, it can no longer be dragged by clicking on one of its bays. Instead, if you need to move it, use the drag handle.

Additionally, since the Gondola is 100% covered in floorplan labels, neither the Gondola nor any of its Bays can be selected, so you cannot access the Gondola / Bay interaction buttons via simple selection.

Now, to view them, right click one of the floorplan labels, and choose the Show Bay Menu button.

Now the containing bay of the "Snacks" floorplan label is selected, allowing us to interact with its buttons, and the global Gondola buttons

Editing Each Fixture

With your Gondolas made, refined, and categorized with floorplan labels, its time to edit the displays themselves. To do so, either right click on a Gondola Bay (if it is not covered with a floorplan label) and choose Edit Gondola POG or click the Edit POG button above the Gondola.

Using our fully floorplan-labelled example Gondola from above, we're greeted with this view of every Aisle / Endcap in our fixture:

There's one row of racks per Aisle / Endcap.

Each rack row is labelled above with its corresponding Aisle / Endcap name, and below with the same floorplan labels created in Floorplan mode, to help keep you on track as you create your displays.

Zoom in to the aisle or endcap whose display you want to work on, then treat it as though it were a Standard project, creating shelves, or dragging in products or groups from the catalog. Click here for more general information on building planograms.

At any time you may click the icon in the upper left corner of the canvas to return to Floorplan mode.

From this view, you are also free to rename your Aisle / Endcap names. Double click on them and type a new name to do so.

This is how "Aisle 13" from our ongoing example appears in the fixture editing view, with its aisle label above and floorplan labels below the racks.

Below is a video example of how you may edit Aisle names or floorplan labels within this view, demonstrating how these changes persist between the editing view and the Floorplan view.

Adding Cameras

While in Floorplan Mode, you may add cameras to set fixed views in 3D Mode by either Right Click -> Add Camera or Insert -> Camera. The camera will be assigned a number automatically. You may drag it anywhere within your floorplan, and rotate it by dragging the circle that appears beside it when selected.

Below is a brief video demonstration of adding cameras to a Floorplan.

Adding Boundaries

While in Floorplan Mode, you may add Boundaries to define a rectangular section of space for a particular purpose. This is often useful when you know you have, say, 250 square feet to arrange your fixtures within, and no more.

Add a boundary by either Right Click -> Add Boundary or Insert -> Boundary while in floorplan mode. The boundary will by default be unmovable. You can double click it any time and edit it to make it movable, to redefine is dimensions, or to change its color.

A sample boundary of 80 square feet