You may create images of your display via File -> Print / Download , or by right-clicking a rack or a table and choosing the relevant Print option. You will see this dialog:

With no options checked, one image per rack in your display is generated (or a single table, if you launched this dialog via the table context menu). If there is more than one image generated, you may swap between them with arrow buttons on either side of the current image.

Clicking Download will save a PNG file of the current segment image to your local machine.

Clicking Drive will save the image to your Google Drive, assuming you have signed in already.

Clicking Print / Save to PDF will open a print window, where you can either print the current segment image, or save it to your local machine as a PDF file.

Per-Bay Images

If you check the Bays option, any rack(s) to print will now generate one image per bay. For the above, example, if we check the Bays option, we get:

The first bay image
The second bay image

One image per bay is generated.

You may switch between bay imagess with the arrow buttons, then click Download, Drive, or Print / Save to PDF depending on how you want your image saved. Alternatively, you may print or save to PDF all bay images at once by clicking Print / Save to PDF All.

Header Signs

If you have header signs included in your display (and they are snapped to a rack), checking the Header Signs option will include them in the generated image. For example:

This option may be used in conjunction with the Bays option.

Including a Report

Checking the Report option will allow you to include a report with your image(s), as long as you click one of the Print / Save to PDF operations.

A full discussion of this functionality can be found in the reports documentation.