In the right sidebar of GoPlanogram, there's a panel called Labels. This panel contains checkboxes that, when active, display a label over each planogrammed product with some data in it.

If the label becomes wider than a product, it will automatically rotate to be vertical.

The background and text color of product labels can be edited in the user settings menu.

The first two (or three, if you are a GoPlanogram Pro user) are hard-coded. They will appear on product labels in the order they appear in the sidebar.

First is ProductID, which displays each product's ID in the label.

Next is LocationID, which displays the unique ID associated with each product's location. This value is calculated automatically by GoPlanogram, and is useful in reporting.

If you are a GoPlanogram Pro user, next is a checkbox for Account. If checked, each product's current AccountID will be displayed in its label (if it has one). Current Account is set in the filters section beneath the product catalog. Read more on Accounts here.

All the other checkboxes are Custom labels, which may display custom data in product labels. These options are decided by your site admin(s) and are completely customizable.

In the example image below, we have chosen a custom label called "Profit", which shows the profit of each product, formatted as currency.

You may combine any of these options to create a compound label. Here, we have ProductID, LocationID, and a Custom label, which is showing "Profit".