To create a report of your current planogram, go to File -> Create Report. You will see this dialog:

Select a Report Property Set from the dropdown to choose what per-product properties and total-display aggregates you need in your report. These sets are defined by your site admin(s). Here, we chose the set "Merch Team".

The per-product properties and total-display aggregates are automatically filled in now. If there are any you do not want included in your report, uncheck them now.

Finally, you may click Download Excel to download an XLSX report to your local machine, Download CSV to download a CSV report to your local machine, or Google Sheets to save the report to your Google Drive (if you are not signed in to your Google Account, click the Google button in the top right corner).

A sample report generated from the Report Property Set selection above

Reports With Images

When creating images from the Print / Download dialog (File -> Print or right click on a rack -> Print / Download), there is an option to generate a report beneath your image, when either printing or saving as a PDF.

Clicking this Report checkbox will pop a side panel to the right of your image. Here, choose a Report Property Set and filter out any properties or aggregates you don't want reported, like with basic reporting.

Then, you must click Print / Save to PDF (or if you are generating bay segment images, Print All / Save to PDF). Clicking Drive, which will save the current image to Google Drive, will not include a report below your image.

The generated PDF that can be saved or printed will look something like this: