View Options

In the right sidebar of GoPlanogram, there's a panel called View Options. This panel contains options to help you optimize your display through visual additions and overlays.

The checkbox options may be used in any combination. The next section of product display options color your displayed products based on fixed criteria. The final section is for heatmaps. Only one product display option / heatmap can be active at a time.

We will use this example display to demonstrate available view options:

Checkbox View Options

The Panning option allows you to click and drag canvas whitespace to navigate your display. This is useful if you have a large display and are zoomed in. However, drag selections (holding the left mouse button and dragging to select multiple products) will take longer to start.

The Dimensions option shows the dimensions of your racks, as well as the distances between shelves on your racks. Useful in determining shelf placements, and can be included in generated images.

The Images option toggles product images on/off. Useful in with display options, when you want to view product categories, overlaps, or heatmaps on sales data, without the visual noise of images.

The Hide Products view is used to toggle products on or off completely. Useful when adjusting shelf or fixture placements without the visual noise of products.

Display Options

Display options are the next section of radio buttons beneath the checkbox view options. Only one display option may be active at a time, as a display option will apply a color overlay over each planogrammed product based on some criteria.

The first section of display options, which we will go through now, is based on fixed criteria (i.e. Overlaps or Categories). The final section is customized and curated by your site admin(s), and is for product heatmaps.

The No Options button is to remove any color overlays from your planogrammed products.

The Overlaps option colors any products overlapping other products or rack standards red. If you do not want to flag products over rack standards as overlaps, you may change this behavior in the settings menu.

The Duplicates option colors any duplicate product facings a unique color per SKU.

The Category, SubCategory, and SubSubCategory options color products based on the selected category hierarchy. These colors come from the Color field in the products data, or, if no value is provided, a random color is assigned to each category. Useful for category management, such as planning category adjacencies or detecting placement anomalies.

The Orientation option colors products based on their current orientation. Green for Front, yellow for Side (Left or Right), blue for Back, red for Top, and purple for Bottom.


Heatmaps visualize numerical values associated with displayed products on a green to yellow to red spectrum. By default, GoPlanogram ships with one heatmap, which visualizes the BestSelling column of product data.

Your site admin(s) may define as many custom heatmaps as they like, to visualize any numerical data or calculation on data, such as Profit, WeeklySales, etc...

If you are a GoPlanogram Pro user, you will be able to use whatever additional heatmaps your site admin(s) have defined.

Pay special attention when you hover over a heatmap, as your site admin(s) may specify whether low numerical values correspond with red or green, or vice versa.

Below are two examples.


The BestSelling heatmap (the number in the gray box is a custom product label displaying the BestSelling value). Note for this heatmap, the site admins(s) decided high values are green and low values are red.


The Profit heatmap (the number in the gray box is a custom product label displaying the calculated Profit value). Note for this heatmap, the site admins(s) decided low values are green and high values are red.