mobile, tablet and desktop planogramming
GoPlanogram cloud web based planogramming app

Cloud Based Planogramming

GoPlanogram gives you your own website for powerful, cloud-based planogramming and provides, for the first time, rapid interactive web-based display design running in your browser. With GoPlanogram, one user or hundreds can quickly and easily design profitable displays.

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Key Features and Benefits

Elements of GoPlanogram that we want you to know

Cloud Based

Instant sharing, nothing to install, automatic backups

Desktop and Mobile

Create and view planograms on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Self-Service Updating

Update your products and pictures yourself - no update fees and free support

Company Wide Availability

Affordable, easy-to-use planogramming, so your whole team can planogram

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Cloud based Planogramming benefits

  • Be productive anywhere, anytime, in the office or on the road
  • Instantly share planograms worldwide
  • Daily backups for peace of mind
  • Lower cost of ownership, and no IT costs
  • Nothing to install and updates are automatic

Self-Service Updating and Easy to Use

We have been building graphical applications since 1995, and planogramming tools since 1999. We follow tried and true principles of user interface design. Features such as drag and drop, unlimited Undo / Redo, and automatic archiving of every previously saved version allow you to edit without fear.

Whether you are a small mom and pop store or a major company like Stanley supplying products to big box stores, GoPlanogram is the right planogramming tool for your business.

We believe in building self-service software. Your team is empowered to update your planogram pictures and product list at any time to quickly respond to your business needs.

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desktop and mobile planogramming

Desktop and Mobile

GoPlanogram runs on any device with a modern browser, including PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Whether you are in the office creating or on the road selling, you have immediate access.

GoPlanogram is web-based, allowing access from anywhere at any time. We use the latest interactive web technologies to give you fast response, allowing you to efficiently design planograms and share them worldwide.

A New Company Wide Way of using Planograms

We are not your grandfather's planogramming app

The Old Way

A designer creates a planogram and outputs a file with a picture and some spreadsheet lines about the content. The output is potentially obsolete the moment it is committed to paper.

Sales regions that need a different product mix can't respond to local needs. Inefficiency and finger pointing ensues.

Planogramming is one of your company's major bottlenecks.

the old way: printing planograms

The GoPlanogram Way

A designer creates a planogram and saves it to the cloud. At that instant, it is available to other designers, sales people and mechandisers in the company. Everyone is viewing, editing, and ordering from the same data.

Planogramming is no longer a bottleneck, but a tool for greater profit.

Our goal is to empower all of your employees to quickly create and use planograms.

What Our Customers are Saying

National Hardware hardware planogram

Spectrum Brands - National Hardware

We are excited about our partnership with Northwoods. GoPlanogram compliments the suite of tools we leverage to provide category leadership in the marketplace. Their cloud based model enables superior collaboration and dramatically improves best practice sharing. It strengthens our ability to optimize local planograms for our customers with a consumer-centric approach.

Bob Pitera, Category and Consumer Insights Manager

Dr. Brown's retail planogram

Handi-Craft Company

GoPlanogram is easy to use and update. We use GoPlanogram to share planograms with our very important distributor and retail customers.

Alison Tsacoumangos, International Sales and Marketing

Channellock hardware planogram


Channellock uses GoPlanogram to communicate colorful planograms to customers that do not have their own design capabilities. GoPlanogram is nimble and easy to use. The graphics are very clear and colorful.

Nicole C. Lindsey, Sales and Marketing

Farrell Enterprises Ltd.

Goplanogram has enabled us to provide cross-Canada merchandising support to our self storage retail customers. The stores vary greatly, and so we love that goplanogram makes it easy for us to quickly provide a custom merchandising solution for any space...the software is easy to use, very intuitive, and we highly recommend.

Channellock hardware planogram

Hilti Corporation

Channellock hardware planogram

Farm Boy

We have been working with GoPlanogram for four years. In that time, we have found the response rate excellent. My requests have always been considered and solutions have been found for efficiencies we desire.

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