Fully-Featured Planogramming

Easy Editing

Drag and Drop

Simply drag and drop your products from a catalog onto your planograms. Feature rich editing, made simple.

Automatic Product Alignments

Align your products evenly across shelves and racks, or even relative to one another, with a single click.


Create and configure multiple fixture types to hold your products, including their dimensions, standards spacing, cell width, and more. Position and configure shelves on these fixtures, including segmented shelves which automatically space products equally.

Turn any picture into Custom Fixture, such as a cooler, point of sale, or vending machine. Product snapping behaviors curated for each fixture type. Backer image support for pegboards and signs.

View Options

Perfect your displays with numerous view options, including (but not limited to) showing overlapping products, duplicate products, customizable product labels, and best-selling product heatmaps.

Your Products, Your Way

Create your product catalog to your exact specs. Folder structure and product search makes catalog navigation a breeze. Create named, reusable, shared Groups of products, that can be dragged right from the catalog.

Precise Measuring

Use built-in rulers to measure displays, or use our built-in dimension view

Flexible Merchandising

Upload your product pictures as JPG or PNG images (including transparent PNG's). We support Front, Side, and Top orientations

So Much More

Create resizable text labels with font choice, pen color, and background color. Unlimited undo / redo, scrolling, and zooming. Precisely position products with arrow keys.


Robust Design

Compatible with virtually all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari

Server hosted by Amazon AWS, the leader in cloud services

Planogram data consolidated on server, for ease of data mining, category management, and more

Easy to Use

24/7 worldwide access on tablets, smartphones (Android and iOS), Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac

Nothing to install. All users instantly get the latest features

Employees worldwide can easily share designs, encouraging collaboration and reuse

Peace of Mind

Planograms are stored in the cloud - no worries about local PC crashes, backups, or other loss of data

Nightly backups of planogram data, product data, and product images

Most recent 30 days of backups retained

File Management

Redefined Accessibility

Organize your saved planograms with our robust folder filesystem. Insert saved planograms into new planograms. Edit worry-free -- we archive all previous saves of your work.

Empower Your Users

We offers multiple user account types with various privilege levels (Pro, Standard, and Read-Only), along with the option for accounts to be granted Admin rights, allowing for changes to product images and catalog. You can share planograms to all your users.


Customized Reports

Generate planogram reports as CSV, JSON, or Google Sheets files. These include data about the products in your planogram and aggregates, such as total number of peghooks, or the average best-selling value of the products in the display.

The reported data and aggregates are fully customizable, and extremely versatile. You can report data properties already included in your product data (including your own custom data fields, beyond what GoPlanogram automatically supports). Additionally, you can use simple, Excel-like calculations to include any metric you need, such as return on investment.

Print Planograms to printer or PDF file. Save image of planogram as .PNG files to disk or Google Drive or clipboard

Site Administration

All Power, No Hassle

Basic Excel skills are all that is required to create your product catalog

Easy to use Admin Pages for uploading new product data and pictures

Image validation - automatically identify missing product pictures

Compress/resize product pictures to appropriate size automatically

GoPlanogram Pro

Take your planograms further

Must-have exclusive features for companies selling to big box stores or large chains

More Editing Features

Color coding options for categories and subcategories

Up to 15 Custom Properties allowed for your products

Open Planograms by product ID

Export, Import, and Print

Import and export of PSA files, including Performance record fields (import)

Printing of life-size high resolution backers

Import store / financial data - bind additional fields of data to each product at the planogram level


Specify a different SKU for each item by named account

If a product has no SKU for a selected Account, that product will be struck through in Catalog

An Account SKU can be a label on the product


Refine your catalog with Assortments -- simply load in a CSV file of SKU's and they populate your catalog.