Northwoods Software's Headquarters: The Landmark Building / OddFellows Building in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire
Northwoods Software

Northwoods Software was founded in 1994 when the founders spun out of Digital Equipment Corporation. From the very beginning, the founders focused on making software that was simple and easy-to-use by ordinary computer users. Over the years, Northwoods has grown to become the world's leading supplier of interactive diagram components and class libraries. Over one third of the Fortune 100 companies use our graphics libraries.

Since 1999, Northwoods has been creating quality planogramming software for major customers worldwide. We are currently working on the fifth from-scratch generation of planogram application development.

 142 Main St
Nashua, NH 03060 USA
 1 603 886 5780 ext. 210
 1 800 226 4662 ext. 210

Some of the customers of our diagram libraries
Northwoods Software Customers