Custom Features and Benefits

For customers who need advanced features, we can develop a GoPlanogram Custom edition that is tailored to your company’s unique requirements. The table below illustrates some of the optional custom features that can give your company a strong competitive edge..

Optional Feature Benefit
Custom Reports Output the data you need – Go beyond basic reporting and get custom reports from your planograms that meet your exact requirements.
Branded skin for your site Enhance your company's image with a unique website – We create a website that provides a unique "look and feel" for your company.
Planogram Design Wizard Quickly design profitable displays – A planogram design wizard guides users in the choice of assortments and helps build the planogram.
Online order submission Online integration with your IT systems can give you rapid, accurate, and low cost order fulfillment – Manual order entry should be a thing of the past.
Display analysis algorithms – optimize your displays based on sales history Maximize your profit – By choosing to implement display analysis algorithms, you can know how well your particular displays perform and improve their value.
Custom fixtures Realistic displays – GoPlanogram comes with a number of standard built-in fixtures. But by having us implement visual objects for your unique custom display fixtures, your users will be able to generate more realistic displays.
Self-hosting Choose a self-hosted system to maximize corporate integration and performance.

Video Explanations

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