GoPlanogram Visualization

Visualize your planogram in many different ways

Visualization of planograms, simply being able to look at the designs with different views, is key to extracting value from an online planogram. Scroll down to see the many ways GoPlanogram can visualize your data.

Experience the excellent responsiveness GoPlanogram provides by trying our free test drive.

Note: The test drive will launch in your web browser and is fully featured, except for some features such as the ability to upload products or to save a planogram.

Normal Image View

Note that products that don't have an image are displayed as a light blue rectangle.

GoPlanogram with product images

Normal Image View with product catalog (SKU) labels

GoPlanogram with product images

Normal Image View with placement ID labels

Placement IDs are useful when restocking when used with the placement report. Also shown here in green are the standards the pegboard is mounted on.

GoPlanogram with placement labels

View Overlaps

Red displaying overlaps with other products or pegboard brackets.

GoPlanogram with product images

View Duplicates

Yellow indicates a product that appears in more than one location.

GoPlanogram with product duplicates

View Categories

Color coded by product category.

GoPlanogram with product categories and subcategories by color

View Categories and Subcategories

Color coded by product category and subcategory.

GoPlanogram with product overlaps

Show Bestselling

When store sales data is uploaded, color coding shows best sellers in green, worst sellers in red.

GoPlanogram with best sellers

Show by Account

When Account is selected (in this case "DIB"), show the products that are available for this account in color, and the products not available in white. Also shown is the account (or channel specific product ID).

GoPlanogram with product images