Before you order your GoPlanogram site, follow these steps to prepare your pictures and product spreadsheet.

1. Prepare your Pictures

You do not need to supply pictures, but if you do, observe the following tips and rules.

Rules and Tips for Providing Pictures:

  • Provide only JPEG or PNG pictures - no other formats are supported.
  • Picture file names must end in .jpg or .png.  Picture file names should not include a space or special character.
  • Uploading will go faster if you submit pictures that have been downsized, such as with Photoshop. As a general rule, if the downsized picture looks good when you open it on your computer, it should look good on a GoPlanogram site.
  • A reasonable resolution is typically 40 pixels per inch of product. So, if your item's physical size is 1x3 inches, that would mean compressing the image down to 40x120 pixels or 4800 square pixels. That's .0048 megapixel, which is considerably smaller than a typical 8 megapixel camera image. If you must submit high resolution pictures, uploading will be slower, but the GoPlanogram service provides a Compress Images feature you can use after uploading.

2. Prepare a spreadsheet listing your products

You will upload your product details as a CSV file.  You should use one of the spreadsheet formats we provide.  The simplest format, shown below, is all you need in order to list your items.

Choose one of our spreadsheet formats
Use the spreadsheet template that meets your needs:
Download the SimplestTemplate (.xls)
Download the TemplateWithProductCategories (.xls)
For information on more complex spreadsheets, click here.

Rules for Creating Your Product Spreadsheet:
In order to successfully upload your product listing CSV file, follow the following rules when creating your spreadsheet:

  • Use only one product spreadsheet for all your products.
  • The column headers must be spelled and cased exactly as defined in our spreadsheet template, so start with one of our templates!
  • For dimensions, use only decimal numbers. Do not add tick marks (') or "in." etc.  Do not leave any dimension blank; if you don't know, pick any number.
  • For currency, use only decimal number.  Do not include $.
  • The ProductID can be whatever you want (UPC, SKU, etc.), but must be unique for every item. Do not leave any ProductID blank.
  • PictureFilename can be blank if you do not have a picture for an item.  If not blank, the picture's filename must end in .jpg or .png.

3. Purchase Your GoPlanogram Subscription

Our process starts once you place an Order.  To get the best price, and the best price when renewing, subscribe for a year and order the Standard Edition or order the Professional Edition.  If you aren't ready to commit to an annual subscription, order the Quick-Start Promo. We will provide further instructions for uploadinig pictures and products after you submit your order.

4. Upload your Spreadsheet and Pictures

After you have a spreadsheet you think is correct, save it as a CSV file, and validate the CSV file by uploading it to your site. The GoPlanogram service will report any errors it can find. If no errors are found, you are ready to use your GoPlanogram site!

Contact us if you need assistance.