The GoPlanogram® service enables you to update your planogram inputs anytime you wish (updating is "self-service").
To create or update your planogramming site, you provide a product spreadsheet and the product pictures.

Product Spreadsheet

You should always maintain a spreadsheet that lists all of your products and their characteristics. The spreadsheet must conform to a format specified by the GoPlanogram service. To update your GoPlanogram site with your latest product set, simply save the spreadsheet as a CSV ("comma separated value") file and then upload the CSV file to your site.

Click here for the format of the product spreadsheet (.PDF)

Click here to download a sample product spreadsheet (.XLSX)

Product Pictures

You can update your product pictures simply by uploading new pictures to your dedicated FTP site provided by the GoPlanogram service. Product pictures can be in either JPG or PNG formats.

Note 1: Only PNG format allows pictures to have transparent backgrounds. So if you have products that do not have a rectangular shape (for example, a free-standing vase), you may wish to provide that image in PNG format.

Note 2: You are not required to provide a picture for all products. If a product has no picture, a properly-sized colored rectangle is displayed.

Click here for our guidelines for product pictures