Feature Comparison

Generally, most customers get the most value from our fully-featured space-planning and planogramming solution. We offer package deals that can save you 50% or more compared to individual licenses, as well as flexible volume and multi-year subscription discounts.

For those on a budget, there's GoPlanogram Lite. A full feature comparison table follows:

GoPlanogram Lite GoPlanogram
Intuitive Drag and Drop Merchandising
Company-Wide POG Sharing
Extensive Sitewide Customizations
Unique Analysis View Options Dimensions, Images, Overlaps, Duplicates, Orientation Same as Lite, plus Overfilled Products, Category, SubCategory, SubSubCategory, and Fixtures Only views
Automatic Product Layouts
Customizable Product Labels Up to 2 Unlimited
Print/Save Images to PNG, PDF, Google Drive
Maximum Catalog Size Up to 250 products Unlimited
Report Columns Up to 5 Unlimited
Report Aggregates Up to 2 Unlimited
Report to XLSX, CSV, Google Sheets
Self-Service Site Administration
In-Depth Training Documentation
Unlimited Free Support
Nightly Data Backups
Realtime 3D
Data-Driven Live Insights
Customizable Heatmaps
Custom Catalog Filters (Equals, Includes, Less Than, Greater Than)
Per-Store/POG/Region Sales Data
Position Inspector
Multilevel Folder Filesystem
Custom Data Fields 10 15+
Store Data Fields 10 15+
Support For Multiple Distributors ("Accounts")
Import / Export BlueYonder (JDA) PSA Planogram Files
Customizable Default Fixture Behaviors and Appearances
Import Apollo (Symphony Retail) XML Planogram Files
Scannable Report Barcodes (E/IAN-13, 39, 128)
Catalog Sorting
Filter Catalog By Product Assortment
Filter POGs by UPC
Filter POGs by Rack Width
Filter POGs by Project Type
Custom POG Tags
Customizable Color Theme
Copy / Paste Between Browser Tabs
Catalog Color Chips
Shelf Tiering (i.e. Stantionery)
POG Mirroring