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  1. Retail Display Strategies You Haven't Tried Yet We guarantee there's at least one strategy on this list you haven't tried with your retail displays -- but all are worth investigating, and many backed by well-documented psychological principles.
  2. Maximizing Shelf Space in Retail Efficiently managing shelf space is a critical aspect of retail success. An organized and visually appealing display not only attracts customers but also enhances their shopping experience. Achieving the perfect balance between product variety and availability can be challenging, but it's essential for retailers to maximize their revenue potential. Planograms play a pivotal role in optimizing shelf space as well as communication between team members in planogram execution and compliance.
  3. Migrating From BlueYonder / JDA to GoPlanogram BlueYonder (formerly JDA) offers a feature-rich planogramming platform that some consider to be the industry standard. However, it can be difficult to learn, and costly to license. GoPlanogram can import BlueYonder PSA files, making the migration to a more cost-effective, easier to learn software straightforward.
  4. Why Planograms? In today's ever-evolving retail environment, planograms are a must. Constant fluctuations in supply and demand, shelf resets, and proper execution against planned displays are just the tip of the iceberg for why all retailers should use planograms.